Porsche Macan comment from Mark, Melbourne, Australia

Mark had some insights about the PCM 3.x in a Porsche Macan: Hi Rainer. I recently read your blog from back in 2013 regarding the issues in playing hi-res audio files as I was struggling with the same issue. I do not know if you have solved this issue, but I have found a solution… Read More »

Burmester Obeservations

John Borse recently extensively commented on one of my Porsche PCM posts. I’d like to post this comment directly into a new blog-post and comment on a few issues. Thanks for your input, John. „I rip vinyl records to a 500GB USB external drive in 24 bit / 48 kHz wav format using a high… Read More »

Porsche PCM 3.1 Highresolution Audio How-To

Porsche offers it’s cars with two high-fidelity audio options. One from Bose and the other made by German exclusive hifi manufacturer Burmester. A car equipped with one of these options comes with the Porsche PCM-System. This is an integrated Tuner (FM, AM, optional DAB+ and digital TV), DVD Player or DVD-Changer, Navigation-System and Media Player.… Read More »

Borgen – Gefährliche Seilschaften, Staffel 1

Fernsehserie über den Politikbetrieb in Dänemark. In den ersten Minuten der Pilot-Episode frägt man sich ob die Serie angesichts der übermächtigen amerikanischen Konkurrenz eine längerfristige Chance im heimischen Player hat. Es geht holprig los – aber Sex, Intrigen, Machtspielchen und Eitelkeiten vermischen sich zu einer spannenden Story. Und schon hängt man am Haken und möchte… Read More »

Burg Loch, Eichhofen

_DSC4972, a photo by rleidl on Flickr. Posting to WP-Blog from flickr. de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burg_Loch_(Eichhofen)